Warlock Scarf

Warm and heavy cotton knit scarf with hood based on the look and design of Destinyís Warlock character class.

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Knitted hooded scarf based on the look and design of Destiny’s Warlock character class. The cotton-mix knit-fabric is warm, comfortable and smooth to the touch. The Warlock's class insignia is embroidered on a twill patch.

Material Composition:

  • Fabric: 53% Cotton, 47% Polyester
  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Care: machine wash 30į gentle/ do not bleach/ warm iron/ do not tumble dry/ dry cleaning extra gentle/ reshape during wet/ dry flat
  • Made in Portugal

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Comfortable, well-made, and not itchy (which is always a big plus). Knit has a fair amount of give for being so closely worked, which is really nice. Easy enough to manipulate into displayed shape above. Also just generally looks pretty rad.


Just love it

Bought this a few weeks back during the scarf special offer. Just in time for winter setting in over here in the north. The scarfs about 48 inches long when your holding it by the top of the hood. Which means you get plenty of scarf to wrap around your neck and face to keep you warm.

I find the hood to be just the right size for wearing and still have free movement to turn your head and look around without it slipping off or falling over your face.

While I would love it to be made from wool, the cotton is warm enough when you wrap it properly. Keeping the chill off and looking good.


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