Link Scarf

Deus Ex
Pearl knit cotton scarf with distinct jacquard triangle pattern and buckle strap closures.

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The Link Scarf is made of the same pearl knit cotton fabric as the Sarif Duty Day sweater, which makes it a perfect supplement. The highlight is a large triangle jacquard pattern based on the art and design of the Deus Ex Universe. The ends of the scarf feature buckle strap closures adding a unique design element to it and effectively turn it into a tube. A golden triangle application underlines the connection to the game.

Material Composition:

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Colour: Dark grey
  • Care: machine wash 30įC/ do not bleach/ do not tumble dry/ warm iron/ dry cleaning possible/ dry flat/ reshape whilst damp


  • Supplement to Sarif Duty Day
  • Triangle jacquard knit
  • Buckle strap closure
  • Deus Ex golden triangle application
  • Deus Ex Access Pass - Unlock exclusive game content with the DXU companion app

Customer reviews on "Link Scarf"

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Larger than you think but Excellent Scarf

I recently picked up one of these scarves and first off I have to say it's huge. I mean I read that in the reviews and I was still surprised - it's very big, more than the pictures lead you to believe. Completely unfurled I measured mine to be about 150cm long and about 30cm wide (around 60x12 inches)

The material itself feels very high quality. The knit is nice and tight and well put together. It's quite thin (although it doesn't feel flimsy at all), so it's not too heavy despite it's size, and the colour looks just like the pictures here - that kind of moderate grey that will blend will with other dark or charcoal colours.

The size left me with the question of how to wear it - at first it seemed just too big. After some fiddling I found it's best worn like a snood, with the buckles pulled to the neck, then the back twisted to create a loop back over the head and tucked (here's a quick photo to show how it may look worn like this:

The thin fabric makes it very easy to tuck and fold into a flattering shape, and I also feel like it works well under a jacket or something where the excess is easily tucked away and hidden. Given its size I feel like it may look best on those with a longer neck or a broader frame

Other than that my only qualm is that the 4 plastic buttons used to hold the scarf at the top and bottom of the join are a bit flimsy feeling, but I can't imagine they need to be touched often and they are not visible on normal wear. Overall a very nice scarf and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the style.


Deus Exy

Looks good, especially with the DX line, though a little fiddling is required to get this design to sit/look right with the buckle positioning.


Stylish, Warm and Comfy

I bought the scarf a week ago and I have no regret purchasing it. The scarf looks and feels great, it's really warm and feels comfortable, and I can really tell that its a high quality product, the scarf is little big though but that shouldn't be a problem compared to the rest.


really ncie and warm


Nice design. Warm and cosy but to big and hard to figure out how to wear


Great scarf

Its really warm and stylish, and you can wear it in multiple ways.
Really nice thing.


Well made but flawed

I hate to be negative, so I will start by praising the construction and materials. It is soft and warm and well put together. However, this scarf is too long and too unwieldy. It does not fit comfortably or casually round the neck, round twice it is too long to wear with a coat, three times far too tight.

The nice details like the buckles and the golden triangle get completely swallowed up, and I honestly cannot work out how to wear this. I was sold on the artist impression of it round the neck and the head like a shemagh, that's just not easily obtainable. Also the labels for washing and brand etc would've been better placed. They often pop out from the join. A real disappointment as I wanted to love this. The buckle wool combination is excellent.


Super Comfy and Warm

This link scarf is pretty comfy. It doesn't say how long it is, but I didn't realize you wrap it around one full time before coming around and linking it together.

One down side: the images don't show the plastic buttons that hold the top and bottom corners on (two on top, two on bottom). The buttons are sewn into the loose knit, and when you pull on them it takes a little too much effort. I'm worried its going to rip one day. So I just hold on to the plastic buttons themselves to undo them. Maybe reinforcing the buttons will help. Aside from these plastic snap buttons, this product is top notch, and I love it.


Great Scarf

Great warm Scarf with beautful details - just a little too huge


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