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Kylo Ren Board Shorts


Jyn Jacket

Cassian Jacket

Star Wars

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Special Price €119.00

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Men's Sizes
XS 34-36 87-92 27.5-30 70-77 19-21.5 49-55.5
S 36.5-38.5 93-98 30.5-33 78-85 21-23 54-59.5
M 38.5-40.5 99-104 33.5-37 86-94 22.5-25 58-64
L 41-43 105-110 37-39 94-100 24.5-26.5 62.5-67.5
XL 43.5-45.5 111-116 39.5-42.5 101-108 25.5-27 65.5-69.5
XXL 46-48 117-122 42.5-45 109-115 25.5-27 65.5-69.5
3XL 48-50 123-128 45.5-48 116-122 25.5-27 65.5-69.5

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Short and lightweight cotton replica jacket of Cassian Andor’s outfit in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Original replica of Cassian Andor’s jacket in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The brown shell is made of durable cotton poplin fabric. The inner lining is printed with a huge Rebellion logo. The most eye-catching elements are the rippled tape on the left sleeve and the Rogue One badge on the right sleeve. Each jacket comes with a serialised production-number printed on a metal plate.

Additional Information

  • Short cotton jacket with asymmetric flap front, two outside pockets and one inside pocket
  • Rippled tape on left sleeve and ‘Rogue One’ badge on right sleeve
  • Cotton twill lining with huge Rebel-logo print
  • Serialised production-number on metal plate
  • Original licenced products of highest quality by Musterbrand
  1. So glad I bought this jacket. review by timothypjr on 21/09/2018

    It's a roundabout journey that I got to this coat. At Disney World, in the Star Wars store in Hollywood Studios—the one connected to the cantena—there was a coat. I wanted that coat, and I wanted it badly. It was too small (L not an XL), so my wife took a snapshot of the company name, and looked them up. The coat I wanted was completely out of stock, but I found this one instead.

    It's PERFECT. Not too obvious a Star Wars costume, but definitely one. The ribbons on the side of the arm were a little squashed, but some pencils and starch put them right quickly. I read that one in a previous review.

    I recommend it. I love it. I'm glad I bought it.

  2. Pretty Good review by Aaron Sayre on 31/12/2016

    Nice Jacket but doesn't look good when wearing open. The large panel that wraps across the chest and fastens is too baggy and open when wearing the jacket open. The velcro strip at bottom of front it awkward and sticks out too. The Skywalker Jacket is much better in it's design and function.

  3. Love it review by Mark H on 02/12/2016

    Those of you on the fence with buying this as I was, I'm so pleased I did. great quality and military feel to it . the inner lining is stunning and nice little touch with the metal tag and Star Wars label.
    I love the way Musterbrand puts their own spin on it as you'll never get it screen accurate and please everyone. as we all know whether its lightsabers or stormtrooper helmets in the films, there are always different variants of supposedly the same thing, so you'll never get it spot on. it has a stylish enough nod to Star Wars without looking out of place, but those in the know will turn their heads.

    As commented before the ribs down the arm, are uneven/creased
    but the stitching is spot on, with an hour of my time and £2 bottle of starch I sorted it, I threaded pencils :) through each of the ribs and put starch over the ribbed strip. waited for it to dry removed the pencils and the ribs are even and stay in place, it looks better than the ones in Musterbrand photos.

    Great customer service, and they got it to me in time for the film

    Hope this helps anyone thinking of buying it.

  4. Could have been great ... review by Eric B. on 25/11/2016

    The good.
    1- Very comfortable to wear.
    2- Great built quality overall.
    3- Fits well with casual as well as with more sophisticated clothes.

    The not so good:
    1- The ribbed strip looks cheap and messy (I had it removed).
    2- When fully closed the front of the jacket looks a bit blend.

    To conclude it is still a great buy. But, I wish the cheap ribbed strip could have been replaced by a decoration on the front of the jacket.

  5. Great jacket, but has some flaws review by Aleksi on 15/11/2016

    The jacket is comfortable to wear and warm, but I have some grievances with it.

    Whilst I understand it not having metallic rank badges and such stuck to the chest, it‘s also missing the front pocket that Cassians actual jacket has, leaving the front of the jacket looking really plain.

    The ribbed stripe on the left arm of the jacket is also nowhere near as good looking as in the picture, with some of the ripples being of different sizes and just sticking it awkwardly.

    But my biggest bug bear is the velcro straps used to fasten the jacket. They prevent you from wearing the jacket open since they snap on by themselves very easily and can be quite noisy to open, which I really do not like. Regular buttons, like on the Skywalker Jacket, would have been preferable and felt more premium. I hope there is a revised version down the line, or a limited edition, that features these instead.

    Still, I like the jacket and wear it daily at the moment. The material is great and the inner lining is beautiful. The Rogue One badge on the right shoulder is also stylish and discreet, way better than the huge plastic badges from last years collection.

  6. Stylish and warm, but not as pictured review by Adam C on 14/11/2016

    The jacket has a very WW2-era US military uniform feel. Similar rigid, canvas material with earth tones and a minimalist aesthetic.

    The only two criticisms I have about the jacket are:
    1. The ribbed stripe is not as uniform in its hills and valleys as the photographed version, and some of them may not be stitched 100% accurately.

    2. The velcro "belt" that extends around the waist is in an awkward place when wearing the jacket open, hanging directly in front of you, usually directly facing the 12 o'clock position.

    Having said that, the inner lining of the jacket is very comfortable, and warmer than I would have suspected, based on the thickness. The style is vintage military enough to look like your standard army surplus jacket, with enough of a stylish nod to Star Wars that it definitely fetches some attention.

    I already acquired a pin so that I can pin the belt piece back when not worn closed, and I plan on trying to iron/steam/starch the sleeve strip to try to achieve a similar look to the preview photo.

    4/5 Rating

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  • 100% Cotton
  • machine wash 30C gentle/ do not bleach/ do not tumble dry/ cool iron/ do not iron prints/ dry clean extra gentle