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International delivery to 70 countries. Shipping rates start at 5,95 €.

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Customer Service Please contact us anytime.

We're happy to assist you with any kind of questions and requests regarding our products, shipment and ordering process.


Shipping & Delivery

Deliveries to North America (USA & Canada)

    estimated shipping time


$ 10.00 about 3-5 workdays
Canada (DHL) $ 30.00 about 6-19 workdays

Customs and import duties might apply

Delieveries within Europe

    estimated shipping time
Germany 5.95 € about 1-3 workdays
Austria 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Belgium 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Bulgaria 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Croatia 12,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Cyprus 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Czech Republic 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Denmark 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Estonia 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Finland 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
France 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Greece 12,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Hungary 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Ireland 12,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Italy 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Latvia 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Lithuania 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Luxembourg 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Malta 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Netherlands 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Poland 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Portugal 12,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Romania 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Slovakia 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Slovenia 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Spain 12,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Sweden 8,90 € about 1-3 workdays
Liechtenstein 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Norway 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Switzerland 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Jersey 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
Guernsey 15,00 € about 1-3 workdays
United Kingdom £ 6.00 about 2-3 workdays

Customs and import duties might apply for delieveries outside the EU (Swiss, Norway, Liechtenstein).

International Deliveries

    estimated shipping time
Australia 30,00 € about 2-3 workdays
Belarus 20.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Bosnia & Herzegowina 20.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Brazil 35,00 € about 2-3 workdays
Chile 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
China 30.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Columbia 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Egypt 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Hongkong 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
India 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Indonesia 35,00 € about 2-3 workdays
Iceland 25,00 € about 2-3 workdays
Israel (DHL) 25,00 € about 12-16 workdays
Japan 30.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Jordan 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Kazakhstan 20.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Kosovo 20,00 € about 2-3 workdays
Kuwait 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Malaysia 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Macedonia 20.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Mexico 30.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Moldova 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Morocco 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
New Zealand 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Pakistan 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Phillippines 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Qatar 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Russia - about 2-3 workdays
Serbia 20.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Singapur 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
South Korea 30.00 € about 2-3 workdays
South Africa 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Taiwan 30.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Thailand 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Tunisia 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Turkey 25.00 € about 2-3 workdays
Ukraine - about 2-3 workdays
United Arab Emirates 35.00 € about 2-3 workdays


Will additional costs apply?

Purchases from outside of the EU, for example from Switzerland or Norway, will be shipped DDU (delivery duties unpaid). Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches the destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges and cannot advise you what the cost will be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.

We recommend you contact your local customs office for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by charges you were not expecting.

What's the delivery process?

Right after your purchase you will receive a confirmation email. When our logistics start processing your order you will get a status update notification by email. And when your order is dispatched from our warehouse you will receive an email with a tracking number and a link to track your order online.

In case you have not received any messages from us, you can also check “my account” on our webshop where you can look up the status of your purchase as well as the tracking number. Alternatively we are of course happy to answer any questions in regard to your purchase. Please contact us via, Facebook or Twitter. Just drop us a line.

Can you also send my goods to my office?

Yes, we can also send your items to your workplace. Please fill in your exact office address (and preferably phone number) during check out.

Do you deliver to a DHL Packstation (in Germany only)?

Yes, we can deliver to any DHL Packstation (in Germany only). Just fill in the PostNummer, "Packstation" and the number of the Packstation as your delivery adress.

Can I also get express deliveries?

Of course we are doing our utmost to have your orders sent to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot offer express deliveries yet, but we will surely have that in mind for future improvements.

Parcels shipped to the USA and Canada are always express deliveries.

Where is my delivery?

As soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you will be sent an email to confirm that it’s on its way. This email will include a tracking number and a tracking link, so that you can track the current status of your order.

Alternatively you can also check “my account” in our shop where you can look up the status of your purchase as well as the tracking number.

One item I ordered is missing in the parcel, how come?

Sometimes there will be split shipments to one order. In case you are missing one of the products ordered, please check first if your order is being processed in two shipments, this will be stated either on your delivery slip or in the email confirming your delivery.

In case one of the item that should be in the parcel as per delivery slip is missing, please send us an email to or write us on Facebook or Twitter in order for us to quickly solve the problem.

The parcel has gone missing! – What now?

If your package has still not been delivered to you or a neighbour after a while, then we kindly ask you to get in touch with our customer service department so that we can check up on its whereabouts. You can e-mail us at or write us on Facebook or Twitter in order for us to quickly solve the problem.


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