The Vigilante

Watch Dogs Collection
Authentic replica of Aiden's coat. Manufactured with high-quality workmanship and great attention to detail.

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Now you can wear the most characteristic piece of Aiden Pearce's outfit. The Vigilante is a perfect replica of the in-game coat. It is built to last and highly functional at the same time while providing an urban elegance. It was designed with great attention to detail and manufactured to meet our highest standards in terms of quality and durability. 

Material Composition:

  • Shell: 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester
  • Lining: 100% Polyamide
  • Sleeve Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Care: Machine wash 30 gentle / Do not bleach / do not tumble dry / cool iron / do not dry clean
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Length in cm: XS 88, S 88, M 90, L 92, XL 94, XXL 94

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Great quality

The design and quality is fantastic. It does feel a little tight. I got a Large. Raising my arms too high is an issue for this jacket. Maybe needed an XL then...



I really love this jacket.


A master piece you can wear

It is near unbelievable to the amount of quality this jacket has been made in. It looks like a specially made item just for you. The details, the stitches, and so much more. The first time you put it on feels like you've worn it a thousand times times before; very comfortable. From afar, the jacket looks like it's made of genuine leather, and one might think so. But upon looking closer you can clearly tell that it was made of cotton and polyester. As if it were some illusion. This jacket also has the ability of making you feel much more powerful, more secure about yourself. Heck, I couldn't stop posing for myself in front of the mirror because of how sweet the jacket looked. In all, you should most DEFINITELY get this if you're looking for something that will keep you warm, last long, and make you feel positive about your appearance, all while maintaining a unique and slick style the whole time.


Just what I was looking for.

In all of my travels I've never donned such an authentic piece of work.
Regardless of the fact that I haven't played the game in which this Jacket originated I'm pleased with it none the less. It fit's as though it has been tailored to me. The last jacket I bore was very similar apart from it being made of leather. However this jacket is not but is just as far. I have faith that this jacket will accommodate me well. I intend to wear it through many seasons, places and incursions if need be.

(I write this review to commend the designers, craftsman and distributors of the product mentioned. If by chance there are any potential consumers interested in said product and wish to approach me with a question(s) regarding a more detailed opinion than the one I previously stated..Feel free. I never turn away from one in need.)


Excellent quality

Authentic and with nice details. Good quality. Now I look forward to rainy days. Will be a returning customer.


Very nice

Wore this coat to and from work, nearly every day through this past winter. It has some flaws, but regardless, I love the jacket and will continue to wear it. Here's some of my negative criticism (just to get to the point):

-I'm a pretty warm blooded guy, but if the temps outside drop below 0 degrees C (32F). I need to wear something bulky underneath. It offers the weather protection of a jacket with the warmth of a hoodie.
-I sat down in a white leather chair while wearing the coat after coming in from light snow. The jacket left brown smudges that I can't remove from the chair.
-The Velcro strap at the chest started coming undone at the seams within a month of use, and will surely fall clean off during next winter. It is seemingly held on by one square of thin stitching.

The last note is really the only one that really bothers me, as it affects the look of the jacket, so I'll take off one star fro that... Again, I do still really enjoy this jacket, and it will be my go-to for chilly weather!


Watch Dogs Cosplay Prank

iv had some good fun times with this Jacket but if only the other items where back in stock then i would of had a full Official cosplay set ready to use for backdrops for the watch dogs backgrounds or to get random photos from the Public :P




Just right!

This coat is excellent for fall / early winter wear (central european climate), when combined with the sweater that comes with the set it can be worn throughout whole winter if it's a mild one.

One star goes off because of the pockets - they easily get "baggy" and lacking any kind of a button they will slouch(? not sure if the word is right)...




Kicks ass

I love this jacket and not only does it look great, the quality is great. I will be a returning customer. Keep up the good work, guys!!


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