The Vigilante 2.0 Coat

Watch Dogs
New longer version of the authentic replica of Aiden's coat. Manufactured with high-quality workmanship and great attention to detail.

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Hackers, brace yourself! Aiden Pearce's coat is back! The new and improved version of The Vigilante coat is slightly longer and therefore a true replica of its digital master.

It is built to last and highly functional at the same time while providing an urban elegance. It was designed with great attention to detail and manufactured to meet our highest standards in terms of quality and durability.

Material Composition:

  • Fabric: Shell: 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester
  • Lining: 100% Polyamide
  • Sleeve Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Care: Machine wash 30 gentle / Do not bleach / do not tumble dry / cool iron / do not dry clean
  • Length in cm: XS 107, S 107, M 109, L 111, XL 113, XXL 113
  • Made in: Vietnam


  • Longer version of the former Vigilante coat
  • Exact replica of Aiden Pearce's coat in Watch Dogs
  • Two pockets on the outside and two inner pockets

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I love this coat

I bought this coat last winter and really liked it, but it felt a bit thin when the temperature dipped to about 20F or less during the winter. I usually wear a hoodie, scarf, and gloves during this time of year anyways to layer up. The coat feels a bit long on me even though I'm 6'2, and its the longest coat I've ever worn (goes down to just above my knees). The XX pattern on the back is definitely less visible in the photos given here, but they're not ugly by any means.



Coat is as expected, and as mentioned earlier, it is lightweight. For me this was great. My only gripe was the sizing. I ordered a large when a medium would have been perfect as my coat arrived at the upper end of the min/max sizing listed in size sheet, that being said the sleeve lenght was the main issue with this, im 180cm tall but sleeves ended up covering my hand. Even with these issues i still love it, i had the sleeves brought up and with a thick jumper its a great fit, if not ever so slightly large. As i side note, the material has very little to no give, if it were to be a perfect fit, arm movement may be restricted. Material would be best described as looking like a drizabone (im in Australia) without being oiled.


_Great coat!

I love this coat, it fits great and allows good range of motion. Definitely a must buy for a watch_dogs fan!


Great Quality Although...

For the price I thought it would be made out of leather but instead its 65% cotton 35% polyester. But a great coat to go with Aiden sweater.



I love this coat, it's perfect replica from Watch Dogs game.


Nice coat

Not as warm as expected (a little light in winter), great quality though.
Very comfortable and very nice look. 4 pockets, useful.
I usually wear L-size but this coat is a little too large (but then, ok with some thicker clothes underneath)

Not exactly as i pictured it but very very nice piece of cloth


Great coat, and companion to the Code Breaker

Really well made coat and fits just right. I have been wearing with the Code Breaker sweater underneath now that the temps are getting cold, and it is really comfortable and together are very warm. Super happy with the purchase.


so magestic

im getting this today


Amazing Quality

I ordered this jacket two days ago and it has already gotten here, which in it of itself is amazing. The jacket is an extremely high quality. I am 5'6" and the Medium size comes right down to about my knees, which in the concept arts his jacket goes from about midthigh to just under the knees, so I say it's a good length. The only issue I have with it is that the arms are a tad too long, may be able to have a tailor pull them in however. If I can I will surely let you know!


Pretty cool coat

I really like to wear this coat. It is well made and combined with the "Code Breaker" and a matching cap you really feel a bit like Aiden Pearce, when you walk in the rain, even if you're not in Chicago. But of course this is generally a great coat!


Great coat but.....

i admit this is a really great coat, i don't have the 2.0 one myself but i have the original vigilante one, i have only worn the coat once, i wasn't very pleased with how short it was and then i find out a month later they put out a new longer one, i'm quite mad because if i want the 2.0 i'd have to pay the price for the one i own and then some, it really ticks me off that they don't have a sort of trade in feature, or at least a half money back guarantee,its a great coat but i wish that they made some sort of announcement that they were developing a longer one, because now i wasted 150 bucks on a coat that is shorter then it should be, don't get me wrong i love the coat, i'm just pissed that they made a larger version of the coat one month after i got my coat,and now there is nothing i can do to trade in this one for the longer coat. please musterbrand, say something next time. 5/5 because it is still a good coat.


Excellent Coat!

Very Very high Quality!


A High Quality Coat

If you're looking for something to wear for winter, this one isn't it. It is a fall/spring coat, made to be windproof and cozy, but with an open neck, sleeves and pockets, so you don't sweat in it. The coat can be worn in various ways. You can wear it open with only the strip at the chest closed, you can wear it open with the belt tied, you can button it all the way up instead of using the zipper, or just button it partially. It's perfect to wear closed with a scarf, when it's around 10C/50F outside, but it can also be worn open when the weather is between 15-20C/60-70F. Needless to say, it looks great either way!

Everything on this coat feels high quality. The stitching is very sharp, and overall the coat feels sturdy and durable. I've had the coat for a year now, and I've never felt worried about ripping it. It's made to be used. The outer fabric has a rugged leather feel to it, and the inner layer feels soft and warm on the skin. It has two big inner pockets, and two big outer pockets. The little belts around the sleeve ends can be buttoned up and removed, and the opening line on the lower back can be buttoned up as well.

The only bad thing about the coat is the belt, as it can't be removed. However, it looks great when you tie it on the back, as it breaks up all the vertical lines and makes the back look less plain.

Overall, if you love the look of the coat, buy it! You will not be disappointed.


Vigilante 2.0

I love everything about this coat. Definitely worth buying for yourself or anyone.


The Vigilante 2.0

It's not only about the look, but also about functionality. Ideal coat for someone who's in love with cyber-punk and wants to represent this style of fashion. It's worm enough and looks great with combo-breaker jacket. I was wearing it for two weeks now and I'm not disappointed at all. Best coat I had in my life.


I like this coat,I like Watch Dog

So cool ,really well made,coat quality is very nice.but the hat sold out,To bad.a few large but okay.


Great Coat

Fantastic coat, holds up to weather and looks great.

Only complaint would be that the belt on the main body of the coat wasn't actually a belt but rather to straps attached to the coat.

Overall extremely happy with the feel, look and actual functionality of the jacket.


Exceptional coat!

really well made, very durable and perfectly detailed to match the Watch_Dogs game. I couldn't be any happier with this coat, definitely a must have for any WD fan!


Great except few things

Very nice coat, mine came one month ago, I wasn't really wearing it because it is summer, but i'll definitely wear it in the winter. Anyway, coat quality is very nice, it is not the best because of few things, I feel like the coat could pluck if you put more pressure on it, I do not mean that it would pluck on random spot, but I mean the spots where the black threads are, I'm worried about it, it was the whole month, except few times I was trying it, it was only in the closet, and when I put it against the sun and look at the back of the coat, I can see that the sun shines through the spots where the threads are. Maybe it's just me, but it is kind of scaring me.
I feel like it will fall apart. Well, I'll let you know in the winter. Anyway, the design and look of it is incredible, it is definitely the best thing about it, The materials feel good, Doesn't feel like crappy cheap coat. But it is not that warm that you could walk in the winter without having something else under it. Better put something under it if you're going outside with it. The pockets are also very nice, you can fit iPhone 6 in it with lot of space left. Another good thing is that the zip is not plastic, it is metal, just some nice detail. Thats probably all I can say, I just love the look and materials it is made of. If you're looking for a good coat, this is the one you're looking for, Hopefully, the threads will not break.


The Vigilante 2.0 review

The coat is great, the only issue I have with it is that it is not very warm.


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