Jensen v4.0 Limited Edition

Deus Ex
High quality men's jacket based on an original design by Acronym.

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The latest version of Adam Jensen's coat is a replica of the in-game version. The digital master has been designed by fashion label ACRNM and lays great focus on futuristic design and utility aspects. Each angle of this coat needs to be explored as there are many hidden elements and pockets all over the coat.

The design is tailored to Adam Jensen's unique requirements. The fabric is tough and water repellent. The coat also features lots of pockets of various sizes. 

This is a limited edition and each coat will be equipped with a unique serialised number on a metal plate attached to the collar.

Material Description:

  • Fabric: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyamide
  • Care: machine wash 30°C/ do not bleach/ do not tumble dry/ cool iron/ iron with a cloth/ do not dry clean
  • Colour: Black


  • Replica of Adam Jensen's coat in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Original design by ACRNM
  • Shoulder panels and lower sleeves are protected by oil coating
  • Belt-closure hidden in big front pocket - coat can be worn open or just closed by the belt
  • Two underarm pockets/ two patched pockets/ one sleeve pocket protected by top sleeve layer

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(a review for female-bodied INTERPOL agents)

I got the XS. I'm 5'5", and it fits me quite well, being the perfect length to match Jensen's in-game. The sleeves are a bit long but I suspect this might be because of my height and not an issue on part of the coat.

Since my shoulders deviate from the norm I found the cut to be quite flattering on myself. A bit tight in the chest area, but I expected that considering it's a men's cut.

All the pockets are great, didn't even realize that there was one on the arm until three weeks in(!!!).

I also really really wish more coats in general did the front buckle strap. It's so much more convenient than a belt, and lets you keep the coat on you if you're just throwing it on for a short sortie.

For those complaining about the lack of floral pattern, this one isn't the Task Force 29 version so that's why it's not there! Colors are definitely a bit off, but I think that's more an issue of material and how the light reflects off it more than anything else. Still sick af, and I use it for cosplay anyways because I don't have the time or expertise to recreate this coat.

I got this as a gift for Xmas so I can't really comment on the price in terms of if the money was well spent, but I do this this coat is very high quality. Maybe $40 less for what I got, but again I got it as a gift so I can't complain.

5/5, would requisition one from TF29 again


Thanks to Musterbrand, I've been playing Deus Ex while wearing Adam Jensen's coat. Life Goals Achieved.

Back when I first played Deus Ex: Human Revolution years ago, I always wanted to have a coat like Adam Jensen's. Now? Well, now I'm a pretty happy nerd haha.

Let me tell you right now, that holy hell, these images don't even remotely do the coat justice. The coat looks even better when you're wearing full leather gloves with it in my honest opinion.

A most recent reviewer here for the coat states that he was 5'6", and that the medium size sort of worked for them... and yeah, I agree. I'm around 5'8" (172 cm) and the medium size fitted perfectly for me, so I'd recommend getting the coat in that size if you are roughly around that height, although if you're 5'10" or over I'd recommend MAYBE getting a bigger size.

The Coat's quality is outstanding, my only complaint being that it doesn't look like it's made from the same material as the in-game coat from 'Mankind Divided' itself (The colors are slightly different as well), but overall I don't really care about that fact as much considering the fact it still looks pretty great. It is rather snazzy and stylish, without a doubt very resistant as this thing has done a terrific job protecting me from heavy rain and keeping me warm during cold weather.
The only down-side is that I live in a beach town where it is sunny MOST of the time, so I hardly have a chance to ever wear this coat unless I'm visiting the city for my work lol.

The coat was also sent to me pretty quickly, especially considering the fact I live all the way out in Australia, and I received it in around 5-6 days time, so that was a plus as well.

One thing I wasn't expecting when I got this coat, is the fact that not only does it have so many pockets, but it has so many secret and hidden pockets too. Three weeks after my purchase, and I was still discovering new things about it, and to be perfectly honest with you, I wouldn't be all that surprised if I still haven't found all the pockets yet all these months later.

Overall, in conclusion, this is an excellent coat that I am proud to have, and feel lucky to have gotten considering this is supposed to be "limited edition". Great work Musterbrand, I look forward to checking out more of your products down the line.


These Pictures Don't Do It Justice

I've always wanted a long coat.

I'm only 5'6" and quite muscular - not a body type people would recommend for a long jacket, but hey, I think I pull it off quite nicely :)

I chose a medium size which means the coat stretches down to just below my knees. The fit around the shoulders and the body is very good though the arms run a little long. So, not a perfect fit but honestly when something like this isn't tailored to you it won't be.

The material is solid. Nice weight to it, seems strong and will likely prove decently weatherproof though I wouldn't recommend this as a summer or winter coat. Neither cool or warm enough for either.

The design is amazing. As I say above - these pictures do not do it justice at all. Wearing it makes you feel and look awesome. If you've always wanted a long coat for the 'cool' factor this jacket will do the job.

From the upturned collar, the detailing, the cut of the jacket - this coat will get noticed. There's nothing like it in high street shops.

Really, really pleased with this coat. Only thing I can really complain about is that the material they used could be a little more consistent throughout - and it would be nice if it fit my arms a little better.

An easy 4 out of 5 stars.

Lastly, for those like me who are short - so long as you are wise about what you wear with this coat (no contrasting colours) you will look just as good as a tall person would - trust me :)


Very nice but just misses the mark

Very nice coat overall, pleased with my purchase but as others have said, definitely feels a bit overpriced (I guess that it was you get for licensed merchandise). Overall the things I like:
-This thing seriously has a lot of pockets, pretty cool, I totally missed one that even existed on my first pass over it
-Feels very lightweight but quite warm when you put it on. I think it would make a good "fall" coat.
-Very cool design overall

-I'm not sure why it has button snaps on the collar, there isn't anything to attach
-Similar to the in game coat but not totally accurate if you're looking to cosplay. It's missing a few small details, color is a bit off, and the designers definitely could have made the pattern on the shoulders a bit more pronounced which I think would have made the coat a bit more visually impressive.

As far as sizing, it felt pretty true to their size chart. I'm somewhere between a M and L in shirt sizes depending on the shirt and ordered a M in this. The chest is just about spot on, sleeves are a bit long for me but not terrible, I would prefer if the waist was a bit more form fitted so as to flair out a bit more on the bottom

Overall, it's a really solid coat. There is definitely room for improvement to really justify the price tag if you're not sure yet but I don't think you'd be disappointed with it.

On a side note, Musterbrand processed and shipped this out pretty quickly and I had it within 5 days of ordering so kudos to them.



Can't wait for Rain! :)


Excellent design, very good quality

So I got this coat for a couple of days now and my first impression when I opened the package and unfolded it was : "Wouaw !"

I'm quite tall (191 cm, 77kg) and L size fits perfectly.
The design is great, I kept looking at it in every angles possible, it was like an exploration in some way.

Lots of pockets too, that's quite useful ! The coat itself is quite "light" though resistant.

The hidden belt in the main pocket is quite uncommon and I still don't know why it was designed this way (you have to attach it diagonally and not around your waist). But it's not something that is annoying at all as you can avoid using it.

Also the buttons around the collar are here but for no special use. Just for design. Looks like you could attach a hood but there is no hood provided with the coat. Maybe later who knows !

Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the coat so far, it's unique and you an be proud to wear it. :)


tactically motivated

First impression- looks like the last 2 versions overall but it is significantly different. Closer inspection- the most notable difference is the vast amount of pockets all over the outside of the coat. I'm not sure which one is supposed to hold my Shanghai Gut Punch but in between some gold-tinted liquor packs, my Tec-9, and a Whitney Wolverine, this coat can store everything needed for a true cyberpunk operative operating without government oversight. The one true flaw with my coat is that the interior left zipped hidden pocket had a hole in it while the seam opened up as I pulled it inside out to view the inherent damage after unfolding it direct from shipping. I can easily repair it BUT for a "collector's edition" from Musterbrand I expected the flawless quality of the previous coats. My only complaint from Mark III was the cheap snaps that prevented me from utilizing the Icarus Dash (ie- running for cover in the rain despite the coat's waterproof nature) with the coat snapped up. The Mark IV has corrected that with much more sturdy and heavy duty snap buttons that will not come loose from simply walking fast or moving your arms. Also it easily allows for the collar to be upright protecting the neck (unlike previous designs) but there are a few female snap buttons that do not connect to anything which made me question why they even put them there. The unit number is on the left side of the collar meaning it is a true numbered limited edition. I'm not sold on the slightly offset clip that acts as a belt which is hidden well inside the left side of the main exterior zipped pocket. I'm not sure if this coat was designed to appear capable of holding the many many items Adam and his progeny were capable of holding in the games but I am pleasantly surprised with their uniformly zippered nature if not with their slightly awkward placements. The coat is almost the same length of the last one (42 1/4 inches for Mk IV vs 43 full inches on Mk III), nearly full knee length, but it is a bit tight on the average American large-sized frame. I am a size-large overall but the chest under-arm is 45" The interior shoulder, breast, and forearm of the coat is actually a different material from the rest of the coat. I don't know what it is but it appears to be a tough rubber coating while the rest of the Mk IV coat feels like the Mk II coat. It is definitely the European-cut as I assume most European men don't have the well developed upper body of the American male black-op augmented agent. It still has the silky interior lining as the last few coats which means it is not a heavy winter coat unlike Mark I and it has the holes for those of us who utilize the Typhoon augment (ie- like to stay aerated). Overall the coat is a nice coat to wear out and style yourself as a true DX fan but the manufacture's error in my interior pocket and the strange placement of the exterior pockets prevent me from giving this coat 5 stars. I give the first 2 versions a 5 star rating. The third version is my favorite but the cheap snap buttons gives it a 4. This coat, while fixing that, lacks the floral pattern that is only capable of being seen in upclose under bright light on the third coat (despite it being absent from Mankind Divided preview videos), is only capable of being utilized to its fullest while unsnapped. I attempted a few Shito-Ryu karate maneuvers while in the coat and it felt a bit tight and though I strained it while tight, did not break (yet). 4 stars, overall, not displeased, but not yet perfected. Mark V will be highly anticipated. Was it worth the price? Maybe it's about $80 too much however you'll pay more than $80 for the right version of the game if you're a true fan so yes it will be worth the expenditure. No one will see it and say it's boring. Everyone not familiar with the series will ask you where did you get that coat. Have fun letting them know ;)

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