Lancaster Hooded Scarf

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Hooded wool scarf with distinct Assassin's Creed shape.

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The Lancaster is a hooded super-soft wool scarf with distinct applications that set this piece right into the world of Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The distinct Assassin's Creed style hood makes it a perfect supplement to Jacob's outfit, and therefore, looks incredible when combined with Jacob's Coat. The new Syndicate inspired interchangeable button is highlighted on top of a decorative leather patch.

Material Composition:

  • Fabric: 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool half brioche stitch
  • Care: machine wash 30C, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, warm iron, dry cleaning possible, dry flat, reshape whilst damp
  • Remove all snap buttons before washing this garment
  • Colour: black
  • Made in Portugal


  • Knitted hood
  • Interchangeable button system
  • Made in Europe

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This hood scarf has great weight to it, the crafstmanship is impeccable.
Very large, which is great for this type of peoduct. The button is sturdy, but the back (where it is located) tends to curl and hide the button.
I like this hood scarf a lot and wear it often. It is a great accessory for cold weather outfits.
The hood itself falls gently around the face and stays symmetrical just like the photo.

I hope to see the buttons restocked soon.


A bit disappointing

Its well made but really really too big and large like Luke Voth said. The shape doesnt look like the photo.


I wear it every day

I got this and I wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY. At first it was a little itchy (probably just me) but its a nice size and is medium at keeping myself warm. It looks like a long scarf but has a nice big hood.



Love it!

I got mine as a Christmas gift, and I love it! Great quality, toasty warm, the wool is soft and very comfortable. The hood is definitely huge, and it has the Assassin's creed medieval cowl shape. It's a bit deeper black than it looks in the picture, but that is a bonus in my opinion. It adds a nice hood to any hoodless jacket, sweater, or zip up. Would LOVE to see a similar item added to the Star Wars collection with the Sith Lord hood shape and an imperial insignia button. :D



it's a perfect scarf with a hood!


Laa shay'a waqu'in moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine.

Really nice light and warm scarf.

... and perfect as a "full head pillow" during the lunch break. ;)


Epic Hood & Fabric

A great quality garment with a thick and warm deep black fabric.
I was positively surprised with the size of the hood, it perfectly reflects the AC style.


Very well made and very functional

I'm unsure as to how the current display images were captured, but they're deceiving. This item is extremely large. The section below the neck is roughly double the shown length (which seems like it could fit nicely over the shoulders, but mine are fairly broad (I'm 5' 11'', 230 lbs)), and the hood itself is just as tall. I put it on and it immediately covered my entire face, when adjusted (easy to do and stays nicely) the sides folded up on either side of my head making me feel like darth sidious. Guess that's what I get for online shopping.

Regardless of my surprise to the size, the scarf/hood is very functional. Its' size allows you to have a number of ways to hide your face (without reducing visibility), or simply wear it casually. Very much like an assassin.

It's not overly warm or thick, but does a very good job at retaining your body heat, so you can wear it in spring/fall and winter (which has been early for us this year, so I can attest to this).

The fabric is soft, and feels like it can go through some weather without damage, though the feel also leaves me wondering how durable it truly is (not too worried though, since it is mostly acrylic, which is known for durability).

The only thing I'm not thrilled about is that the button, while looking very sharp and sturdy, collects dirt and small pieces of things very easily. This very dramatically takes away from the look. You'll have to be careful where you store it or have toothpicks on hand.

Overall, the first impression is that it's a very well made hood that will be able to deal with day-to-day wear and weather, is very stylish and stealthy, and will keep me comfortably warm. My money is well spent



I searched high and low to find a quality hood and I eventually found it here. First class craftmanship coupled with cutting edge desig!,
who could ask for anything more?
Well me actually, can you make them in blue, grey, green, with leather and stud adornment..... ;)



Very good !!


Incredibly practical

I didn't think I was going to have so much use with this! It is perfect to have during winter. Its really cosy and warm and I wear it every day! It works like a scarf too. Remember also it is alot bigger in reality than what the picture shows. My only problem is that it is WAY too expensive. Unless it is handmade I don't know if it should cost that much. But it is useful. So buy it if you can afford it


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