Catalyst Backpack

Mirror's Edge
Compact sports-activity backpack with appliances for mobile devices.

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Compact sports-activity backpack with appliances for mobile devices. Perfect fastening due to adjustable straps on chest and belly. The fabric and seams are water-repellent, which makes this backpack a perfect supplement to the Mirror’s Edge jacket.

Material Description:

  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Black
  • Care: Do not wash or bleach/ do not tumble dry/ do not iron/ do not dry clean/ wipe with damp cloth
  • Made in China


  • Elastic chest strap
  • Adjustable belly and backpack straps
  • High Quality Merchandise
  • Holds most electronical tablets
  • Mobile phone pocket with cable outlet
  • Contrast colour piping and mesh fabric on the back

Customer reviews on "Catalyst Backpack"

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Finally a small backpack.

This was exactly something I was looking for in the size of a bag.

When I walk into most retail stores that sell backpacks, the smallest size they can offer is 20L.

I'm a minimalist and a light traveler. Having a small pack, forces me to think about only packing essentials and nothing useless. It also makes me creatively think of how to fit things in , should I need to pack a little more.

Definitely, if you're training and need to carry a bottle of water and supplies with you or have this as a flight carry-on (a couple of shirts pants and towels). This is all you need.

The description is exactly as described: "Compact sports-activity backpack with appliances for mobile devices. "


Smaller than expected but great

For training, it's excellent! It is small but it will carry all you need for a full day of training. Most importantly, it keeps a lot of force off of your lower back and puts it all on your upper torso. Even without the body straps, it hugs you nice and tight. A huge plus! It reminds me of a good camel pack, and is a bit larger.

If you're a college student like myself, It's not a book bag, but it will carry everything you need for a single class or two. One text book, notes and writing material leaving some room for your PSVita, phone and ear buds.

You will not carry a lot with it which is why I give it a 4 of 5. Otherwise, it's durable and feels great! I train with it all the time.


Really good quality backpack with little downsides

The backpack feels very nice on your back and is very small which can be very nice if you don't want to carry around too much. I mostly see it as a laptop bag more than anything.

The downside though is that it only fits latopts that are around 13" big, which can be too small for an average laptop.

And also, the picture indicates a hole for the wire of your headphones but the one that I received doesn't have one. Don't know what's going on there.

Using this bag for my laptop and accessories and I would totally recommend it for that!


Practical, lightweight with only downside (Pratique, léger avec un seul bémol)

Je le trouve vraiment beau et il est niquel.

Le seul reproche que j'ai à faire c'est pour le fermer, comme montré sur les photos, il n'a qu'une languette de fermeture et pas deux et il se ferme du bas vers le haut. (d'où la note de 4, je suis tatillon)

Le but du sac est que c'est pour des personnes comme Faith: Des coursiers.

Donc des choses de petite taille peuvent être mise dedans:
_ Facilement une bouteille de 50CL et 1L (même les deux en même temps)
_ Comme l'a dit le commentaire précédent, un petit ordinateur portable.
_ Téléphone, console portable

Mais dans l'ensemble ce sac me satisfait.


Lightweight Surprise with some Improvement needsI

I keep it Short, first things that are Missing in the description:
My Guess 8L to Max 10L Volumen..
3 Pouches inside -
2 Small one : Sice - 12cm wide, 15 long, ca. 1cm deep ( elastic )
1 Big : Sice- 24 wide, 28 long, 1 cm deep ( elastic )

The Big Pouch will carry easily an MacBook Air 13" and things that Size. The Small One an PS Vita, any Big Smartphone with Case like iPhone 6 Plus, most Loadingcable or stuff like that.
On Top of that u can get a big sweater or other Cloth in it. Its a Great Daypack...but no Schoolbag for Sure.
For his Size and Weight its surprising, what u can put in it but there are a few things that i´m Missing.

I would like to have a removable hip belt and a Carringhandle so u can
u don't have to put it always on the Ground. Also a Keylanyard would be nice.


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